Once your location schema configurations are completed, you can then create your locations in the Inventory application. It is best practice to create the locations in a top-down order (location box containers/plates).

Note: Only users with admin level permissions can create “locations” in Benchling.

Creating Storage Locations in the Inventory

  • Open your Inventory application.
  • Select the “+” option and then select Location → Create Location.

Note: Top-level locations (e.g. a building or lab) do not fill out the Location to Store In field.

  • Select the location type you would like to create
  • Select a name for your location.
  • Select whether you'd like to manually enter a specific barcode, or whether you'd like Benchling to generate one for you.

Note: For top-level locations (e.g. a building or lab where everything can be found), do not fill out the Location to Store In field.

  • If you want to nest locations, (e.g. a freezer in a room), repeat the steps above, but fill out the Location to Store In field with the location schema you want it to be stored. 
  • Repeat this process to create as many nested layers as desired.

Note: Giving these locations a name is completely optional. If you do not enter a name in the Name field, Benchling will use the auto-generated barcode as the name.

At this point - you have your location hierarchy set and you are ready to create containers, boxes, and plates!

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