Boxes and plates can be configured to match the sizes and types that you actually use in your labs.  Some box and plate types you can configure include:

  • 9x9 Box
  • 10x10 Box
  • 96 Well Plate

Configure Box Schemas

Box schemas are used to describe any type of rectangular, storage box.

  • Navigate to the Box Schemas tab in the Registry Settings.
  • Specify a name and prefix for the box type (you may also specify additional metadata fields if desired).
  • If you want your boxes to be container agnostic, do NOT select a container type in the drop down menu.

Note: If you want the box to be restricted to a certain container type, you may specify that the box can only hold a specific container schema (e.g. cryovials).

Configure Plate Schema

Plates Schemas describe any plate-based storage item (ex. micro-plates, cell-culture plates, and etc.).  

Note:  To use Plate schemas, you will need to configure a Well or Matrix Vial Container Schema in the Container Schema Configuration page.

  • Navigate to the Plate Schemas tab in the Registry Settings.
  • Specify a name for the plate type, a prefix, and any additional metadata fields if desired.
  • Additionally, make sure to specify either the Well or the Matrix Vial container option for Fixed and Matrix Plates respectively.  
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