Note: For each registry schema, you will need to specify the sample type (either entity, batch, or none).  You can configure this in the Registry Schema Configurations page.


From your entity page, you can move your samples into either (1) create new containers or (2) existing containers.

Creating a new container with your sample

Begin by clicking the "+" icon next to the Container section of your batches page.  You will then see a worksheet to create your container

Barcodes: Barcodes are like Registry IDs, but for Inventory Schemas.  These can be autogenerated or custom
Schema: This is the container type and the list of possible values must be configured ahead of time (see Configuration article)
Contents: This shows the contents of your container.  This will autopopulate with your sample.
Location:  Select a box, plate, or other location that you wish you place your sample.  Note that you are able to dig within your Location Hierarchy to get to your box or plate or you can search as well by Barcode or Name.

If you select a box or plate, you will see a diagram appear showing your available and occupied positions:

You can select available positions and even shift-click to select multiple!  Circles designate existing containers, and green filling designates that the container contains a sample (i.e. isn't empty).

Finally - click Create to finish creating your container with your sample!

Moving into an existing container

After clicking on the icon on the top right corner of your batch page (as shown in the picture above), select the container you wish to move your sample to:

Select your container, then select Next to select the volume and concentration.

Fill in your values for volume and concentration and select Next to complete moving your sample.

Tip: Select the dropdown button next to Volume from Source or Volume Units to set values for all rows

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