The Inventory provides an interactive digital window into the physical storage system of your lab. Users can track the location of entities in their associated physical storage containers. This application provides a virtual representation of locations, boxes, plates, and containers such as freezers and racks.

While the Registry tracks what the samples are, the Inventory tracks where the samples are stored.

Inventory hierarchy and example schemas

The Inventory is highly configurable which enables users to mirror their physical lab space in the Benchling platform. Benchling's Inventory is organized into the following four schema types:


  • Location: room, freezer, shelf, rack, etc.

  • Box: 10x10 box, 9x9 box, etc.

  • Plate: 384-well, 96-well, 24-well, etc.

  • Container: cryovial, Eppendorf tube, 15mL conical tube, etc.

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