Benchling Molecular Biology offers a rich array of tools that allow you to manipulate sequences, add annotations, design primers, perform alignments, model restriction digests, create assemblies, and design CRISPR guides. We'll get you started with just a few of these features.

Learn basic tips for working with sequences

To start, learn how to import DNA sequences.

When you are working with sequences, you can:

Design primers

Benchling makes it easy to design primers for PCR, qPCR, and sequencing. Learn how to:

Perform alignments

In Benchling, you can create consensus alignments or align to a template. All of your alignments are automatically saved in Benchling and accessible through an alignment history.

To start:

What's next?

We've only just scratched the surface of the rich capabilities that Molecular Biology offers. 

For additional help with primers, alignments, protein analysis, restriction enzymes, and our Assembly Wizard, check out our full Molecular Biology tutorials list. 

To learn more about our CRISPR tools, visit our CRISPR tutorials.

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