Manage projects and folders

Projects and folders are the main tools you will use to structure all of your data in Benchling. Projects are the highest level of organization, and folders are nested within projects. The following diagram depicts the relationship between projects, folders, and your data.

In Benchling, only admins can create projects and manage permissions to each project.

For tips on how to best structure projects and folders within your organization on Benchling, we recommend reading the following guides:

Learn how to create projects and folders:

Manage members

Admins are responsible for managing members and data access within the Benchling organization. We make this easy for admins!

To start, learn how to access the Admin Dashboard.

From there, you can manage members of your organization. For example, you can add and suspend users from your organization.

Manage permissions

As an admin, you're also responsible for setting project permissions. Project permissions both allow you to control data sharing and foster collaboration.

Permissions are always set at the project level. Follow this guide to set and modify project permissions.

When setting permissions, admins can also designate auditors for Review and Witness. Auditors are always assigned to a given project. Follow this guide to add auditors for Notebook reviews

For more information about Review and Witness, view the Training Kit article, Use Review and Witness. Make sure to share it with other Benchling users at your company.

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