Archiving ensures that data in Benchling is not erroneously deleted. When data is archived, it is hidden from working view, however you can easily search for and recover any archived data.

Archiving applies to projects, notebook entries, inventory items and registry items. Note that archiving is not available in our workflow or request management products.

Archive any project, notebook entry, inventory or registry file by right-clicking the item. A menu that includes an option to Archive will appear.

Select Archive and provide the reason why the item is being archived (e.g. Made in Error, Expended, etc.). This information can be viewed later by you and your teammates so your team can retain context on why the item was archived.

Once you confirm the archive, the file will now be hidden from working view.

Note: If you are archiving a registered entity, you will be given the additional option to remove this item from the registry when it is archived.  Choosing to unregister register entities will remove the registry ID from that entity upon archiving.

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