Note: Benchling's Maximum Per-File Size Limit is 2GB

Attach any file to Benchling

You can attach any file to a Benchling notebook entry by dragging and dropping it into an entry. Alternatively, you can click Insert and then Attachment. Try it yourself by inserting the PowerPoint into the entry.

We allow previewing inside of Benchling for certain file types (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, image and text files). 

Note that any file attached to a notebook entry is uploaded and stored in Benchling. These files can be downloaded, altered and re-uploaded to make changes. 

Attach excerpts of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations

Insert excerpts from PDFs and PowerPoint presentations by dragging and dropping the file into the entry. 

You can insert individual slides into your note by clicking on the Insert Excerpt icon.

  1. Choose the slides or pages that you want to insert directly into the note. You can either type the page numbers in directly, or click on the previews to select them.
  2. You can now view the slides in your note. Move them around from the alignment icons at the top and caption them just like any other attachment.

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