You can @-mention any user in your organization in a Notebook entry. You might mention users if you want to share a specific set of data, or get their feedback on your results.

When you @-mention another user, Benchling will notify them by email with a link to the entry they were mentioned in.

As soon as you use the @ symbol and start typing the users name, the system will begin to search for the user. Benchling requires at least 3 characters to query for a user.

Once you have identified the correct user, simply click on the name and Benchling will automatically notify the user via email and provide a link within the entry

In addition to users, you can also @ mention Teams and Organizations on Benchling. You would use the same process as searching for a user but instead you can type in the team name or organization name of interest:

Duplicating entries with existing @-mentions will not re-send notification emails to referenced contacts. Similarly, creating entries from a template will also not email a user automatically if they are @-mentioned in the template.

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