View a translation

To view a translation for a selected sequence, highlight a section of the plasmid on the left side sequence map, and right-click. Click Create Translation and then Forward to view the forward translation for that selection. The translate will show up in line with your DNA sequence.

Analyze a translation

Right-click your translation and click Analyze as Translation. 

Benchling will display any biochemical properties for that translation. In particular, you'll see the following properties:

  • Translation position relative to the DNA sequence

  • Molecular weight of the resulting protein

  • The protein's isoelectric point (pI)

  • Extinction coefficients

  • Instability index

  • Amino acid frequencies in the translation

Create an Amino Acid Sequence

To create an amino acid sequence from a translation overlaid on a DNA sequence, right-click the translation and select "Create AA Sequence". Choose a folder and name for your new amino acid and then click "Create". 

What's next? 

Once you've completed this tutorial you may want to learn about creating and linking a protein translation next.

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