The Developer Platform Capability provides access to the API, Events platform, and Apps. See the Developer Platform Overview page on our developer documentation for more information.

Developer Platform Capability

To get access to these systems, a Tenant Admin must use the Capability Management tool to set “Full” access.

First, select the user(s) that need access and select “Manage application access” to change their access:


And set “Developer Platform” to “Full”:


This will allow them to access:

  • The API

  • Apps

For a user to obtain access to the Events system, they must also be a Tenant Admin. Reach out to Benchling support if they require it.

Accessing the API

To access the API, you need a personal user API key. To retrieve / generate this, navigate to your User Settings page:


To create API credentials, click the Generate API Key button at the bottom of your User Settings Page:


To use this API key to make calls, follow our API Tutorial on our developer documentation at

Benchling Apps

With the Developer Platform Capability, you’ll be able to create and manage apps on your Benchling system. You’ll find them in the “Developer Console” section of the “Feature Settings” page:


To get started with apps, check out our Getting Started guide on our developer documentation at

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