Insert a Result table

In your Notebook entry or workflow entry, click Insert > Result table > then select the desired Result table schema from the dropdown.

If you are creating an entry from a Workflow Template, appropriate Result tables may already be present.

Adding samples to a Result table

Select the Blue Plus on the Result table. Here you have the following options to add samples:

  • Add row - Manually add an entity to the Result table.
  • Add samples - Easily add samples recorded in other structured tables within the same Notebook entry.
  • Add from worklist - Samples listed in a worklist can be added to the Result table.

Bulk import samples into a Result table using spreadsheets

When importing into a Result table using a spreadsheet, ensure the column headers match those of the Result table. You can either use an external spreadsheet editor (e.g Microsoft Excel) or a regular Benchling table.

To import your data select the Blue Plus and click Import from spreadsheet, here you have the option to import from:

  • Spreadsheet - Drag and drop your spreadsheet into the upload box.
  • Raw Text - Copy and Paste the raw text from your spreadsheet, including column headers.

Click Next and confirm the columns match, please correct any errors, then press Next again. After the data is validated click Import. Rows containing your data will now be added to the Result table.

Tip: If you want to bulk update data recorded against entities in a Result table, follow the same instructions as above however select Update from spreadsheet instead of Import from spreadsheet. Ensure the Sample ID’s on your spreadsheet are consistent with those already recorded in the Result table.

Adding custom columns

To add a one-off field, right-click on any column header. Choose Insert column left/Insert column right. You can now rename this new column by right clicking and selecting Rename column.

Note: The custom column is marked by a star (*) to indicate that it is not included in the formal Result schema. To add the column to the table permanently, please contact your Registry administrator.

View Results in the Registry

Results from Result tables will appear on the Results tab in the Registry. Custom columns will not show here.

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