Create a Project

There are two ways to create a Project in Benchling:

  • Click the Global Create button on the Navigation Bar.
  • Click the Create button in the Projects Tab.

Benchling will ask you to give your Project a name and a description, designate an owner, and add collaborators.

Notebook & Inventory

Projects are divided into two sections: Notebook and Inventory. The Notebook section contains Notebook Entries and Protocols. The Inventory section contains sequences and oligos.

To create new Notebook Entries and Protocols from the Create button in the Projects Tab, you have to be in the Notebook section. Similarly, to create sequences and oligos from the Projects Tab, you have to be in the Inventory section.


Within a Project, you can create folders (either in the Notebook section or the Inventory section) to further organize your files. Click the Create button to add a folder.

To learn the best practices of Project and folder structure, click here.

Navigate within a Project

Projects Tab

Within a Project, open a particular folder by clicking on it. Conversely, click on the Project header text to navigate backwards. In the example below, I am in a folder called “Protocol Repository”. To exit the folder, I can either click on the header text, “Example Project” to return to the previous level or click on “Projects” to return to the top level.

Projects Expanded View

In the Expanded View, just like in the Collapsed View, you can navigate backwards by clicking the header text at the top of the screen.

To switch your view between the Notebook and Inventory sections, click the Type Filter on the header text.

What's next

Now that you know how to create and navigate Projects, you might want to know:

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