Create a Notebook Entry

Click Global Create to create a new Notebook Entry. Click on the folder to choose where to store the Notebook Entry.

Format your Entry for readability

Benchling provides tools to stylize your entries, including headers, font colors, highlights, checkboxes, and lists. Try them yourself:

Plan multiday experiments

Click the Insert button and select New Day to plan multiday experiments. After adding a day to your entry, you can edit its date by clicking on it.

Attach files

You can insert files in an entry by drag-and-drop or through the Insert menu. Benchling also supports preview of a variety of file types, including DNA sequences, amino acid sequences, images, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and ChemDraw.

Reference files and notify members

Use @-mention to reference Benchling files or notify members. Start by typing @ and keywords to search for files to reference. After referencing, Benchling will create a bi-directional linkage between the Notebook Entry and the file. Learn more about referencing files here.

Similarly, use @-mention to notify members. The mentioned member will receive an email from Benchling with the link to the Notebook Entry.

Insert tables and well plates

Click Insert button to insert tables or well plates. You can use Benchling's tables and well plates to perform calculations, set up formulas, and design experiments. Learn more about how to use Benchling's tables here.

Attach Protocols

Click Add Protocol button to attach Protocols to a Notebook Entry. Click the Notes button to return to the main text. Learn more about how to create Protocols here.

Toggle table of content and timestamps

Use the Setting button (gear) in the upper right corner of the screen to toggle timestamps and table of contents. You can learn more about how to use the table of contents to navigate Entries here.

Share a read-only Notebook Entry

l read-only Notebook Entries with collaborators internally or externally by clicking the Share button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Send for review

Finally, once you have completed a Notebook Entry, you can click the Information button (ā€œiā€ icon) on the right sidebar to send it for review. Learn how to set up an auditor here.

What's next

Now you know how to use the Notebook. You might want to learn how to:

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