If you are an administrator of your organization, you have access to a several tools that allow you to easily view and manage how your organization's instance of Benchling is used.  

Admin Dashboard Basics

The admin dashboard consists of four main pages:

  1. Users: Manage Seat Management of users and licenses: including granting and suspending of licenses for modules to users, suspending/unsuspending user accounts, and managing the licenses your organization has purchased.
  2. Activity: View read and write activity on benchling by day per user
  3. Projects Dashboard: View a list of projects and their corresponding review status metrics, number of entries, and date last used.
  4. Users Dashboard: View usage metrics of users - including review metrics and entries created.

To access the admin dashboard:

1. Enter your Organization's Dashboard: Click your avatar on the bottom-left corner of the navigation panel, then select the organization that you are an administrator of.

2. On your Organization's Dashboard, click the “View Admin Dashboard” button

For further instructions on using the admin dashboard for member management, please click here

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